On Your Left

I bought a small throat mic for my Olympus DS-2 voice recorder. I want to be able to talk to it while riding my bike without having to stop and rummage around my messenger bag looking for the recorder. I set the recorder up to be voice activated, put the mic on my t-shirt collar, place the recorder in my pocket and head on out. I am not certain whether I look more suspicious talking into a recorder or just talking to myself.

So I am now listening to the results of my first experiment. I recorded a ride to Microsoft. I didn’t talk much until the end of the ride, where I had a couple of cool thoughts to record. We’ll hear them at the end of the recording.

The recording is 24 minutes long. I know I only spoke (to myself) for about two. I am wondering what the rest of the time is filled with.

0:00 – The unmistakeable sound of me clomping in bike shoes on a softwood floor. I am moving my bike and locking the door. I can hear myself leave the house then go back in to get my helmet. Putting on the helmet makes lots of noise. There’s lots of heavy breathing as I carry my bike down the 45 stairs to the street. I hear myself click into the cleats. This should be over now and on to the good stuff.

4:39 – I get on the road. The sound of the freewheel is loud – it is a Chris King hub that “rolls good with angry bee sound”. As I approach Nickerson I can hear the sounds of the heavy traffic. I push the button for the pedestrian signal. I hear the traffic noise change as I ride across the Fremont Bridge. It isn’t supposed to be recording all this traffic. I must have it set too sensitive.

9:23 – I say “On your right,” as I pass someone.
10:53 “On your left.”
10:59 “On your left.” Ok, I am going to abbreviate this to OYL.
14:08 – OYL
14:30 – I say “On your…” and then it tails off. I think this is because I said it too late and I was past them before I got to the left part. Oh well, it is the thought that counts.
15:06 – OYL
15:34 – OYL
15:53 – OYL
16:35 – OYL
16:55 – OYL OYL OYL OYL OYL OYL.. I am realizing that for most of my ride all I am going to say is On Your Left.

21:45 – The crossing near the old Albertsons goes “ding” to help the people from the nearby old folks home cross the road. This is only a quarter of the way through the ride yet I am near the end of the recording.

24:54 – Recording ends. Aarrgh!

Lesson of the day – most of the time I pass people on their left.


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  1. May 8, 2008 at 09:53

    Originally from October 17 2006.

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