Adult Songs My Kids Like – Lapdance by N*E*R*D

N*E*R*D made this great Lapdance single. I loved the evil feel of the song and the video with the flashlight lighting up where the camera points in an otherwise darkened room. The guys looked cool cruising around on their BMX bikes.

N*E*R*D made a great album to go with this. We saw it in Toulouse when we were on vacation in Southwest France in 2001. I nearly bought it but figured I’d save a couple of bucks by waiting until we got back. It turned out they had only released the album in Europe and hated the sound of it so they redid the entire thing. I had to wait until 2002 to get the US version. In the meantime the Euro version was selling for twice regular price.

As a Father I’m not impressed when my five year old sings, “You can get this lapdance here for free,” but she has no idea what it means. She hasn’t seen the video, and won’t for a while.

When I went to look this video up on YouTube I kept finding the uncensored version. I was looking for the one they played on US TV and finally found it.

If you want the Not Safe For Work one you can look it up yourself.


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