Workout August 9th 2008

I thought I’d post my workout today to inspire myself to do this more often.

  • Pull-up test (yesterday was a rest day) – single set to max
  • 25 squats, bodyweight
  • 10 single leg squats with dangling leg on a huge gymball, bodyweight
  • 25 frog jumps
  • 400m run to Rodgers Park
  • 4 sprints up steepest hill I can find, the hill by the Queen Anne Bowl in the park. I time the first sprint at 20 seconds and repeat the same hill for the subsequent sprints.
  • 10 box jumps (well, jumps on to the short concrete wall at the park)
  • 400m stagger back home
  • 25 squats
  • 10 single leg squats with gymball
  • 25 frog jumps

I’ve been working on pull-ups for a few weeks. I don’t have a bar, I use one of the load-bearing joists in the basement. This has the extra challenge that I can only hold on with the first two joints of my fingers so I got quite a forearm workout at first. Then my head hits the subfloor above when I get too energetic. When I started I could do three bad pull-ups. I don’t kip – no space, I’d kick the dryer.

Today I did eight without straining too hard. My goal is to do 20, but I’m thinking that’s going to take a year or so.

The hill sprints were fun. I usually hill sprint cycling a fixie up Queen Anne but today I did them running. The worst bit was going back downhill as the nausea rises.

Balancing the dangling leg on the gymball was hell. I spent more time waving my arms about trying to stay upright than squatting. My left leg sucks at keeping balance. This is a new exercise to me and I need the practice. I had plenty of power for the squat, it is the stabilisers that are going to kill me tomorrow.

Looking back I should have done more box jumps. The frog jumps are killers, on the last set I got to 16 and had to stop. After about ten seconds rest I could do the remaining 9. It is amazing how fast you can recover most of your anaerobic ability.


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