Workout August 11th

Yesterday was a rest day. Today I needed to get working again. I started with a cycle warm-up around Queen Anne with a few hill sprints at 60%-70% intensity.

Then 3 sets of:

  • 10 push-ups, feet elevated a couple of feet on a concrete wall, nose on the ground in the down position
  • 20 jumps on to the wall – about two feet high
  • 400m run around the track at a fast pace
  • rest of 30 seconds

Followed by a cool-down on the bike.

I tried doing pull-ups on the goalposts but they wobbled too much with my weight so I 4 sets of 5 pull-ups after I got home.

The ‘wall jumps’ were hard. To get me through the last reps in each set I would fire myself up to get a fight or flight reaction. It amazes me that there is always a pile more effort in there if you can figure out how to trigger it. The runs were hard too, I was sucking down breath hard at the end of each lap.

I need to figure out why I am doing this exercise. I might write up my thoughts as part of the process of figuring out my fitness goals.


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