Workout August 12th

My legs were a little stiff from the last two workouts so I wanted to do something to warm them up. I rode to the top of Lake Washington and back, about 28-30 miles. The plan was to keep it slow the whole ride but on the way home I saw some old lycra-riders with beautiful carbon fibre bikes and I couldn’t resist speeding past them and leaving them behind. I think they were slowed down by the their derailleurs. 

I just don’t understand the outfits. They’re slow riders, maybe 20 years older than me, yet they wear tight lycra tops and shorts and ride fancy carbon fibre Trek bikes. Maybe they want to be like Lance?

Nonetheless I shouldn’t have done that. I let my ego change the plan for my ride. I’m not beating myself too badly about it since I had no concrete goals – no heart-rate monitor, no time limit. But I knew I wanted to keep it slow and I couldn’t help but put the hammer down for the ride back. Once I started going faster to overtake the old dudes I kept it up the remaining 12 miles or so.

The ride was a test. I’ve stopped eating mid-exercise snacks and this was the first time I’d ridden any distance without snacking. Usually I get the munchies at the top of the lake and eat a nut bar but I didn’t bring any and didn’t miss it. When I got home I wasn’t particularly hungry. I just ate my regular meal with the family. I had plenty of energy for the ride. The biggest test for me is sprinting back up Queen Anne hill and that was no problem. It shouldn’t be, the ride was short with no hills of note, but in the past I can feel tired climbing the hill.


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