Resting Heart Rate: 43?

After yesterday where I saw my heart rate at 50 I decided to test it properly. I read you were supposed to test it before you got out of bed, but with a crying baby or noisy toddler waking me up each morning I don’t have time. Plus my heart rate is likely to be way elevated from the fuss.

So I went to bed to lie down for fifteen minutes to relax. I was short on sleep so I relaxed very quickly. The rate dropped to the high forties within a couple of minutes, then slowly dropped to 46, 45. Then I started to nod off. Then I checked the monitor again and it had dropped to 43. Then I fell asleep. I was woken by the sound of Otto screaming after getting sent on a timeout for hitting. I looked at my watch and the rate was back up to 61. So much for a resting heart rate.

I’m a little freaked at seeing that 43 number. I do not think I have done enough work for it to be so low. Maybe my base level has been low for ages, it is just the first time I’ve tested it with a monitor. There are some factors that may have contributed to a base level of fitness higher than I expected:

  1. I have been doing a lot of commuting on my bicycle in the last few years, with some hills each way.
  2. In recent weeks I’ve done a few sets of interval sprints both cycling up QA hill and running up it.
  3. Our house has a lot of stairs so we climb 10-30 flights each day. More on some days.
  4. Wrangling three kids is like a workout with three wiggly weights – 28lb, 42lb and 48lb.
  5. Recent changes in diet may have some affect. I’m eating a lot more veggies than before. Maybe there’s something affecting in kale and chard. 🙂

I’m still thinking the number is low. It also seems a cheat of a way to measure it – lying in a comfy bed would make anyone’s pulse slow. Or maybe anyone who runs/cycles has a rate like that. I just always figured my resting pulse was 60 and that was fine with me.

The cynic in me wonders if Polar makes the numbers measure low because it helps them sell watches to fitness freaks. Joke.


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