Workout August 20th

When I do longer duration activities like hiking or cycling, I’m trying to keep my HR down to the level Mark Allen (the Hawaiin Ironman Winner) suggests on his site. For me that’s 139bpm. I’m curious about the whole fat metabolism vs carb metabolism process so I’m trying it out.

The first time I saw graphical data on the effect of this was this article where they showed an athlete whose profile of fat burning vs carb burning had changed a lot over nine months of training. See the graphs down the page – they are amazing.

I don’t have any goals to be a triathlete or an endurance athlete, I just love longer duration exercise. I have always liked hiking long distances fast. In recent years I have moved more to cycling since I like the speed.

Yesterday I cycled to the top of Lake Washington and back but this time watching my HR and keeping it below 139. I admit that I was naughty and once did a sprint on the flat just for fun and once pushed my HR into the 150s climbing a long hill at speed, but in both cases I slowed down within fifteen seconds and the HR dropped soon after. The ride felt easy the whole way. It was joyful.

It isn’t that far a ride, somewhere in the vicinity of thirty miles. I did in 1:48 including the time for traffic lights and a water/potty break at the top of the lake. I took the ddn8r with a newly oiled chain and it purred. Well, it should have purred except that I couldn’t hear it with The Church, The Clash, Clouds, Cold Chisel and Coldplay on my ipod. Yesterday’s ride was brought to me by the letter C.

The only thing of note was that before I left the house I glanced at the hrm and the rate was at 52. I thought it was a mistake so I kept watching it and it seemed to be working fine, I could get it to rise up to 60 and just by chatting away and if I stood still and breathed quietly I could get it to drop to 50. I’ve never seen my hr much below 60 before.


1 Response to “Workout August 20th”

  1. 1 Abhishek Chitlangia
    August 31, 2008 at 13:53

    Quite inspiring

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