Stephanie Rice, Australian Dollars and how to pronounce Beijing

The letter J in “Beijing” is pronounced like the letter J in “joy”, “jungle” and “jolly”. For some reason people find that hard to learn.

My Mum visited for a couple of weeks so we subscribed to cable tv. The Olympics were on. The US coverage drove me insane. How can you run a two week telecast from a city and pronounce its name wrong every day? They clearly put effort into getting athlete names correct. Every Beijinger can say “Beijing” yet NBC maintained its inability to pronounce the city name. Did they not talk to any Chinese?

In the Sydney Morning Herald I read an interesting article about the cost of the medals for Australia. Adele Horin wrote, “Stephanie Rice made us all proud, but that fleeting feeling came with a $150 million price tag.”

“Years ago the Canadian Government decided to spend more money on community sport to encourage mass participation, and less on its elite athletes. For the Sydney Olympics, Australia spent more than seven times as much on its team on a per capita basis than did Canada”

Oh yeah, in Seattle we could get live Olympic coverage by watching CBC. The Canadians got the pronunciation of “Beijing” right.


1 Response to “Stephanie Rice, Australian Dollars and how to pronounce Beijing”

  1. September 2, 2008 at 01:09

    Oh Stephanie Rice, my favourite. (as you can tell by the link) Australia does spend a fair amount of money on community involvement in sport though.

    Good work on your blog man, keep it up!

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