ISAF, Twitter and Me

I was reading Daniel Bennett’s blog on war coverage and the media when I saw his post on the ISAF Using Twitter. For those who do not know, the ISAF is NATO’s International Security Assistance Force.  I’m interested in the Afghan war so I signed up to follow ISAFmedia. Now I see the tweets of drug busts and deaths on both sides.

For example:

Three ISAF service members were killed & one injured after an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) attack in eastern Afghanistan this morning.

Today they followed me back. They won’t see a lot since I don’t update Twitter much. I opened the account to save ‘brentcu’ in their namespace and now I use it to read a few things.

Having them follow me shocked my thinking about the two-way nature of following on Twitter. It makes sense for the media arm of ISAF to know who is following them; usually it will be media types or war bloggers. If these folk are writing about the war and putting links or updates on Twitter themselves then the ISAF will be interested in seeing how their message gets redistributed. In my case I’m just an interested person who isn’t writing about much except France and a little fiction.


But hey ISAF folk, you have an American supporter here in rural France.


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