France is Different – Flies

We live in the country now, so we have flies. We’re dealing with this using two ancient pieces of technology.

1) Flypaper

Flypaper bring out the sadist in me. I love watching the flies try to get away, but they have two stuck legs. The sound of a buzzing fly stuck in flypaper is music to my ears. We occasionally get mating flies caught in the paper.


2) The Fly Swatter

The swatter enables ‘seek and destroy’ missions around the kitchen. The kids grab a swatter and join in the hunt for flies stopping lower down in the kitchen.

We have two kinds of swatter. One kind is light and fast and it stuns the fly. They drop to the ground mortally wounded. If you’re feeling vile you stamp on them. The other kind of swatter is heavier and hits them with greater force. The flies get squished and their entrails leak out over the wall or ceiling. Although messier, this is a much more satisfying experience.

The French word for fly swatter is ‘tapette’, which I’m told is slang for ‘gay’.


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