Tucker Max playing with Feminists via his Delicious feed

I read Tucker Max’s Delicious feed.

Tucker Max is an author whose books are selling well. As I type, he is number four on the NYT bestseller list for ‘paperback nonfiction’ with I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell. His recent success has made his earlier works unavailable, or available only at a high cost. For example, his Belligerence and Debauchery paperback is available used starting from $249. While he doesn’t make a cent out of second hand book sales, as a sign of unmet demand he must be pleased.

I haven’t read any of his books, so I can’t talk about them, although you can get a feel for them by reading one of the stories he has on his home page. I never got sucked in to his site, perhaps because I had enough belligerence and debauchery of my own in my teens and twenties in Australia.

Now If you look at the bottom of his home page you find a little gem. It is his Delicious feed.  I clicked on it a year or so ago and have been reading it since. I don’t follow how Hollywood is dealing with the Internet but Tucker does and shares the best of what he finds. His comments are good, especially when he disagrees with a blogger, and they are straight to the point. Beyond this, he uses the comments to communicate to his assistants how these links relate to whatever projects they are working on. This isn’t casual browsing, but someone who is putting a lot of energy and intelligence to finding the right data to make their business successful. The feed is good.

Today’s item has this note:

Oh dude…the plan is already unfolding just from the goddamn surveys. This is going to be so easy and awesome.

His plan is unfolding? With a comment like that I just had to click through. It links to a post on a feminist site where the author, flowersk, talks about Tucker’s upcoming movie, I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell. Even though she is a feminist, she talks about liking Tucker as a guilty pleasure. In the comments section other feminists leave enraged, anti-Tucker messages.

It is like watching a movie where the bad guy cackles because the hero took the bait and is falling in to his trap. Tucker has some plan to make his movie huge and he’s getting the right response from the right people. Feminists hate it but still want to watch it.

The movie version of “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell” is coming out soon. In my little corner of rural France I won’t be able to see it, but I will be watching his plan unfold. Good on ya, Tucker Max.


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