35. U.N.K.L.E. – Chemistry

Jean was driving her fast convertible down Highway 99 in Seattle. As she was approaching the Aurora Bridge her cd changer moved on to a new disk, and the first track on the the U.N.K.L.E. album War Stories started playing. The opening of Chemistry is a quiet piano riff, so Jean turned the volume up to a reasonable level since she figured that this cd was quieter than the previous one. About thirty seconds in the drums exploded out of her speakers at ridiculous volume, but they still sounded good because she got the fancy stereo when she bought the car. Watch the video and feel the drums launch their sonic assault.

Jean found herself entering a long uphill bridge, where there was no traffic on the road and where there could be no cops with speed traps. Her stereo was pounding out Chemistry at high volume. She was driving this car. (The photo shows off where she hit a cone on track day.)


So Jean drove very fast. She had no choice. She was compelled. If she was booked she could go to court and play Chemistry and the judge would understand that it was physically impossible to drive slow listening to this.

There is no official video for Chemistry, but some dude called “wildeight” has made his own. I was surprised how well it fitted the song, but how can you go wrong with explosions, oil fires, mushroom clouds and the Hindenburg disaster?


And here’s the album:



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