31. Kate Bush – Sat in your Lap

I want to be a lawyer. I want to be a scholar. But I really can’t be bothered.

Kate Bush has inspired some amazing internet fandom. When I went to YouTube to find the video for Sat In Your Lap, the related videos section led me on a trail of interviews, live performances and links like “Kate Bush Smoking” and “Kate Bush dressed in Leather”. These are dedicated fans, given that Kate has hidden away from the media for most of two decades.

Back in the late 80s when I first went online, there was USENET with its thousands of groups on various topics. In the rec.music hierarchy the most interesting group was rec.music.gaffa, the Kate Bush fan group. I don’t remember how many other artists had groups back then, but Kate’s was the most popular. It seemed odd that of all people the folk on USENET would go for Kate Bush. No wonder she dropped out of sight.

I never posted to rec.music.gaffa – I’m not a Kate Bush fan boy – but there’s one song of hers that has a touch of beautiful insanity. That song is Sat In Your Lap.

The first thing you notice on watching the video is that all the smoking and dressing in leather is keeping Kate fit. She looks great! The drums sound crazy and have an unusual time signature – six beats to the bars in the verse and I don’t have the technical ability to figure out the chorus. Kate’s singing changes for each part of the song. The verses are almost spoken, she uses her squeal for the chorus and for the “Just when I think I’m King” part she goes for an opera-parody voice. In the video she delivers this with an unblinking wide-eyed stare. I love it!

Add in minotaurs, jesters and roller skating dunces and you have a slice of lunacy that still looks and sounds fresh after twenty-eight years.

kate bush

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