Living in Southwest France – Our Cat is now a Mouser

Bug used to be a cat that slept all day and night. He would visit outside but not stay too long – Seattle was too cold for him. In France he’s out all day from 8 until 8. Our purebred pedigree modern Siamese has turned into a plain old farm cat. I’ve had to throw a lot of dead vermin out of the garden.

He drops a mouse into the courtyard then as it makes a break for the garden he herds it back into the middle. The mouse runs in large circles as the cat keeps him contained. He likes throwing them around, too.

first france 1368


He caught a snake the other evening. It was just a little grass snake, but it was enough to freak out us city folk.

Tour de France 262


We think Bug’s life expectancy has plummeted, because he’s going to end up as roadkill or dog meat. He’s getting nicks and scratches from the rougher life. He’s loving it.


1 Response to “Living in Southwest France – Our Cat is now a Mouser”

  1. August 5, 2009 at 16:17

    I’m pleased to hear the Bug is coming into his own 🙂 I always liked Bug.

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