23. Presidents of the United States of America – Peaches

Poke my finger down inside, make a little room for an ant to hide, nature’s candy in my hand or can or pie.

My move to Seattle coincided with the rise of The Presidents of The United States of America. The Seattle Supersonics were in the Conference Championships and The Presidents modified their Supermodel song to become Supersonics, Oh Yeah. It had classic audio clips of Kevin Calabro, the inestimably good Sonics commentator, calling Sonics moments from the season. With a little research I found it on YouTube, set to some Sonic-related photos, including this Sonics Girl.


The Seattle radio stations played that song on high rotation during the playoffs. It was cool that a band like The Presidents would write about their favourite bball team, and the song was better than the usual team song junk. I think that the song is good because they converted it from a song they already knew was good. If they’d tried to write it from scratch it would have sounded as bad as every other team song. If other bands had thought of this, we could have had:

The players in the song are remembered as the best Seattle team since they won the championship back in 1979 – Gary, Shawn, Detlef, Nate, Big Smooth. There’s nostalgia when you listen (Shawn Kemp, you are The Man!), and then the sadness when you remember that the team was hijacked and stolen away to Oklahoma.

After all this Sonic PR, I had to buy the first Presidents album. They were a local band and they played songs about their cat and about sitting on the front porch. They played guitars with some of the strings removed to give it a less complex sound. It was all about the song, not the musicians, and the song I liked the best was Peaches. I deciphered the lyrics and marvelled at how inventive they were. It sounded childlike, but it was focussing on the simple things they enjoyed. Why not write a song about eating peaches? Jean tells me ‘peaches’ is a metaphor for girls and I’m putting my hands over my ears, saying “Not listening!”.

The video is energetic, with the band playing in the woods. Then ninjas attack.


When Lucy was a few months old we took her to her first Sonics game. [And her last, now the Sonics are the Oklahoma Thunder.] At the end of the game the Presidents came out and played for us on the court. The Sonics banners were on the walls, including the one for the 1996 Conference Championship, the time when I first heard them play.

The first album of The Presidents of The United States of America:



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3 Responses to “23. Presidents of the United States of America – Peaches”

  1. 1 jaygo
    August 4, 2009 at 23:13

    Jean’s comment made me laugh. We used to “demystify” the lyrics by singing:

    Peaches cum when they can,
    they were made to by a man,
    in a back street downtown.

    instead of:

    Peaches come in a can,
    they were put there by a man,
    in a factory downtown.

    Feather Pluckin is on my current playlist. Naked and Famous was on the last playlist. Little Blue Dune Buggy was on the one a few before that.

  2. August 5, 2009 at 00:19

    LA LA LA I’m still not listening!

    I’m sure your version is closer to the truth. Wikipedia has some story about him writing it under a peach tree at his gf’s house but who believes these arty types.

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