22. Wire – Eardrum Buzz

Marco Polo has lost his way, the Louisville Lip has nothing to say.

There was a week back in 1989 when each time I woke up to the radio I heard Eardrum Buzz by Wire. This imprinted the song with a feeling of springtime and a nice view of the trees. It was an thoughtful time for me; I was living in University Housing and it was the first time I had lived out of home without a girlfriend. I had this independent life, but I had to learn how to share it with myself. This song brings it all back. There’s a hint of sadness here, because that was the time in my life where I had the fewest obligations in front of me. I was about to finish my degree yet I had no job to go to. I had nobody to make plans with. I was free.

Up until that point there was always something I was working towards. I had to finish High School, then I wanted to get a degree. I kept switching majors and universities before I was finished. But that time was coming to an end. I had one semester to go before I finished my Maths and Computer Science majors. School work was easy. My life was getting empty, so I read more and started writing.

University Housing was a mix of lawyer-politicians and party animals. The university was a little scared of the students who lived there, and who could blame them after some of us burned down one of the houses a few months before. It wasn’t me.

I was drafted into being the ‘Vice-President of the Student Housing Association’ because I was living in the same house as the current President and he wanted someone to take over for him after he moved out in a few weeks. I met the qualifications – I had a pulse and wasn’t a drunk. This position meant I had to go to the annual Housing Review Committee Meeting where we argued with the university establishment to figure out rent prices. It was an argumentative few days but it was fun. The students had no real power but the university departments hated each other and got in each other’s way.

Of the forty artists in my list, I know the least about Wire. The song is dreamy and happy and lovely to wake up to. The guitar playing is beautiful. The video has cameos from a range of folk messing with their ears, maybe you can pick out a few. I can see Björk in there!



As it turned out I caught glandular fever from a new girlfriend, spent a few weeks in bed and dropped the CS major. I went back to another university to finish off the CS, so I wasn’t done after all. Nonetheless, Eardrum Buzz reminds me that when you’ve lost a part of your life, there’s space for new possibilities.


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