9. Faith No More – Everything’s Ruined

But when he lost his appetite, he lost his weight in friends.

If I hadn’t limited this Top 40 to one song per band, Faith No More would have dominated. Everything’s Ruined is my favorite FNM song and it has the most amazing low-budget video I have ever seen. Even though it is only my ninth favorite song, the combination of music and images make it my favorite video of all time. Even better than Papa Don’t Preach.

It is hard to admit because it betrays other great music, and FNM’s hold gets weaker as time decays the bonds, but they are my favorite band. There’s something asymmetrical about their music. There’s always beautiful keyboard playing, but there are sinister overtones. The guitar comes in machine gun bursts. Mike Patton sings each song in a different style like he gets bored doing the same thing twice. It feels like they can’t play a regular song, that they have to kick it skewiff. They also make a fine cover band.

Faith No More have always been a distortion-laden guitar band wrapped around a piano core but I had listened to them for years before I realized Roddy Bottum’s piano owned the music. For example, in Everything’s Ruined the piano starts, runs half the verses and drives the chorus. This gives their songs a quality that guitar-driven music lacks. I believe that tension can create great art, and Angel Dust had plenty of it. Their genius guitar player quit after making the album.


What takes them above the realm of interesting bands is the incredible Mike Patton. I don’t know how someone who came out of Mister Bungle and was to work on a long list of projects with John Zorn came to be the lead singer of Faith No More but it worked magic.


Ok enough talking, here’s the clip.



But what a video! They play in front of a green screen of random images with a few guest lip-synchers. There’s dental surgery and knee surgery. If the projected shot is of fish, the band swims. They run away from a giant tortoise. They play at heavy metal guitar posing. It all looks so much fun. And why is amateur lip-synching so funny? The epitome of this craft is the amazing lip-synch that  Pomme and Kelly did to R.E.S.P.E.C.T.


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Just to clear things up, I can’t stand Papa Don’t Preach.


3 Responses to “9. Faith No More – Everything’s Ruined”

  1. 1 Anonymous
    April 4, 2012 at 04:58

    Classic awesomeness!!! FNM FTW

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