Sydney Morning Herald Decision Makers, Please Read This

Hello Sydney Morning Herald. I want you to know that page views are less important than user experience. Please read this article from Felix Salmon. Sample quote:

Auto-refresh, slideshows, cutting stories up into multiple pages — all of these tricks make reading content online that much less pleasant, and thereby cheapen the value provided to advertisers.

He’s talking about Forbes.com but you are equally poor. Why do you think that making me click ten times to read four stories is better for you than clicking four times? Each time I look through the home page it auto-refreshes. Your intrusive video ads make me curse the name of the advertiser and turn the sound off on my PC.


crop smh


I have read your site since it first went online, but my loyalty is tested when you screw with me in this way. I’m sure your page views are skyrocketing, but your site is heading towards junk mail.

Thanks to Ryan Holiday’s Delicious feed for highlighting Felix’s post.


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