More about Tucker Max Manipulating the Media

Tucker Max is enjoying the stir he is creating. He’s marketing his own movie and needs all the publicity he can get. Each time someone makes a fuss about how offended they are, his movie does better. This is a pattern that has been seen many times before; when someone tries to ban some music, book or movie and it sells more than ever it would have had it been left alone: Lady Chatterly’s Lover, Spycatcher, Baise-Moi, Ice-T’s Cop Killer, Fuck Tha Police.

[Note to self after watching Baise-Moi: Don’t fall for this.]

Here is Tucker’s Delicious comment for today:

"The Tucker Max saga continues to unfold this week as the author of I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell shockingly still can’t catch a break with the promotion of the book’s film adaptation." AHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHHAH

The link is to this article: Tucker Max’s Expected Response to Chicago Ad Ban: "Bite Me" – mediabistro.com: AgencySpy

Can’t Kiran figure it out? More fuss, more promotion, more money. Tucker believes in the quality of his movieand he needs a way to get his message out there without using the traditional approach of throwing money at old school media. Kiran’s article is promoting the movie, and more than that he is giving Tucker the moral high ground. No wonder Tucker is laughing.

Imagine if there had been no fuss for Tucker’s movie. Would you be as interested in seeing it?

Caveat: I can’t be arsed doing any real research on this; I’m just blogging for my buddies. But you’d think anyone who is trying to be a journalist for real would check out Tucker’s Delicious feed – it is public. Or maybe call him. Or use email.


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