Answering this week’s poll

Each week Jean answers a poll sent out to her high school clique. They share stories about good times. It brings them together. This has been going on for years. In the last couple of years she has been recycling this poll by sending it out to me and a bunch of other folk more recent in her life.

The answer to this week’s poll had so many links I put it up here since someone’s email server is going to screw it up. So here it is:


1. What’s the best TV theme song?

I have to take this question seriously. To give you some idea, A-Ha spent more on the Take On Me video than on the album, and more on the Take On Me song than the rest of the album put together. I am putting a Take On Me video’s worth of effort into question 1. Fuck the rest of the questions.

There are the commonly accepted great themes, like Suicide is Painless from M*A*S*H. It even has a Manic Street Preachers cover. Or the Greatest American Hero theme. They don’t do it for me.

There are great American themes from days gone by. The Rockford Files theme is just outstanding. Similarly with Starsky and Hutch and Hawaii Five-O. One of the coolest bands of all time did a tribute to Hawaii Five-O – Radio Birdman.

The kids do great. The Muppets are awesome. And the kid theme that nearly won this was from Dastardly and Muttley. If we have a boy and call him Torsten, he might be known as TC. Top Cat.

Moving up to the 90s, South Park has a theme by Primus! It is hard to beat that. Twin Peaks has a great theme, too.

Aussie themes include Wonder World and the Late Show (about 1.20 in, it is James Brown’s Turn me Loose, I’m Dr Feelgood).

Moving to the Zeroes, The theme song I have heard the most is probably this one. Thank you, Jean. No, really, thank you.

I will also share more pain. While researching, I came up with some truly offensive themes. Like the Smurfs Theme. You can thank me later.

I was going to mention the Dr Who theme but I’ll leave that to Kevin, who is still asleep. I’ll link to the Bill Bailey 60s Belgian Jazz Dr Qui version instead. In a similar vein this theme from The Tomorrow People is totally sinister.

But there can only be one answer to the question of Brent’s best TV theme. The show we watch through every couple of years (it seems to coincide with the birth of a child). The Professionals.



[I will point out that in a small house in rural France three kids are wondering why their parents are singing the theme to The Love Boat.]


2. Do you Skype with anyone? Who?

Anyone who answers. That’s usually only Kevin.


3. At breakfast — white, wheat, rye, sourdough, English muffin or something else?

If we have bread, it is sourdough pan fried in duck fat or bacon fat. We go several weeks without it, then we buy a sourdough loaf (pain a levain, or in the Gascon accent paing a leving) for foie gras and the leftovers get pan fried for the kids.


4. What single song can you not get enough of right now?

I sang Is That Love about six times on the way home from the farm yesterday. It is in the wrong key for me, so that sucks. Britney sings an octave above me, so I can sing this without switching octaves.



5. BTTW/WTTW (best thing this week, worst thing this week)

BTTW: letter from the Notaire that we sign for the farm next Tuesday. After 18 months we’ll be unblocked and overcome with work.

WTTW: Waiting until Tuesday, when we’re confronted with the reality of fixing up a crappy old Gascon farmhouse.


1 Response to “Answering this week’s poll”

  1. 1 Jean Curtis
    September 17, 2010 at 22:21

    I often hum the tune in the presence of a blocked toilet thanks to this Love Boat lyrical beauty:
    “Let it flow, it floats back to you”

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