Addicted to Pick of the Pops

Since we bought our internet radio we listen to Pick of the Pops every week. It is an old Radio 2 show, where they play the top 20 songs from the current day but in two different past years. There’s plenty of editorial choice because they only play a subset of the top 20 and they add in a few climbers outside the top 20. Plus they get to pick the years. Sounds like music for old folks, eh.

It is amazing listening. For example, when you listen to music from the 60s it is often way better than you expect. And music from the late 80s is totally awful. Bring on grunge! As one loudmouth host of Never Mind the Buzzcocks said of Guns n Roses, “Then Nirvana came along and make them look like gay pirates.”

Some shows are just genius. For example, this recent one on 1964 and 1978 which had All Right Now, Is This Love, Baker Street (responsible for a million bad sax solos, it deserves a post all its own) and Cilla Black’s incredible Anyone who had a Heart.


And Blondie and Abba and Kate Bush! Although I whenever I hear Wuthering Heights I go all falsetto and sing the Mr. Floppy version.

Each week there are shocks. In the 1967/1980 show we had Cat Stevens in the charts with a song called Matthew and Son:


This song is such perfect pop that someone has to rip it off. Oh yeah, Tears for Fears already did with Mad World (and the vid with Gears of War is better). And 1980 was one good year – the chart for March 5th had Cuba, Turning Japanese, So Lonely, Games Without Frontiers and Atomic.

And I’ll end with the best bass player (and the only bass solo) on the charts – Larry Johnson with the Brothers Johnson doing Stomp! So good even my disco-loving Mum owned it.



2 Responses to “Addicted to Pick of the Pops”

  1. 1 Anonymous
    May 31, 2012 at 11:34

    guns n roses are actually quite good

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